Team Business Structure and Capabilities

Manufacturer of Document Management Software products:

TEAM products are used in concert with our technical expertise to define, develop and implement state-of-the-art electronic document management, workflow, enterprise information, and healthcare solutions for the latest Microsoft operating environments. TEAM products include Edge2004T, EdgeVaultT, Edge Web LinkT, MedDocsT and Edge WorkFlow T as well as numerous products for various hardware vendors like Xerox, Konica, Canon and others. TEAM specializes in providing products that are designed to be complete, open, web-enabled, commerce-enabled, PKI and certificate-based enterprise solutions using our integrated stand-a-lone security or Active Directory Services for Password and User ID management.  TEAM provides complete proof of concept solutions that include installation services, document conversion and process assessment services that result in improved quality and productivity in your business processes.

Secure Collaboration and Sharing Solutions:

TEAM offers a wide selection of secure Web-based collaboration and document sharing products to meet our customer’s needs. These include Edge Web LinkT, HealthEDocsT, DigitaledocsT Microsoft SharePoint, EdgeVaultT and Xerox DocuShare. These products represent the best solutions available today.

Business Process Workflow Solutions:

Today, the managing of your business is even more critical than it was just a few years ago. With the introduction of Web-based services and Web-based information management, competition is even greater. Interaction and control over internal processes and those of your customers have become an integral part of managing your business. TEAM views this process as an absolutely essential step in the development of productive and effective document management, collaboration and workflow systems. TEAM Edge Workflow T   product and business process re-engineering services provide you with the ability to manage your valuable business information, secure your documents, track your business process, and make the best use of your customer and business information by applying and automating those rules that apply to your business.

To validate these processes and rules TEAM offers Business Process Management Study Services as a pre-installation and project definition process to document and flow your business while defining the steps needed to implement a realistic and effective process.

Once this process is completed and management concurs with findings and recommended improvements, the final design is then transitioned into automated rules-based flow templates. These templates are now made available to staff and management as an integrated daily process.

The cost that can be saved through the proper and effective application of a Business Process Study quite often is substantial when compared to the replacement or redesign of ineffective systems. Quite often the initial steps in establishing an effective system are rushed and not properly evaluated.

Conversion Services:

TEAM Production Scanning and Data Center, located within the Maryland/Virginia region, is equipped with the latest security, computer equipment, software, scanning stations, web servers, scanners, and imaging products.  The Center includes a DoD Compliant SCIF for processing sensitive and classified documents and data. The Center can process millions of documents a year and with its partners that are geographically located in the U.S.  The Center is managed based on an established and documented processing policy, procedures, and controls to ensure the highest quality of electronic documents and data that can be achieved. Years of experience have been documented and implemented with the continuous application of new and best practices to meet customer demands.  TEAM excels in providing the following conversion services:

    • Document capture,
    • XML Conversion,
    • Film & Fiche
    • Adobe PDF creation,
    • Data capture and validation,
    • Forms capture,
    • OCR,
    • ICR,
    • Scan to Word 2003

The Center provides a secure document vault located inside the SCIF Area to protect customer document assets during the process. Pricing is very competitive with the less secure offshore options.

Remote Hosting Services:

Secure document and data hosting and exchange services portals have been designed to provide maximum protection and security for our customers and their knowledge objects.

Secure Hosting: Secure Hosting Services:

Hosting facilities are located within our Secure Data Center with limited access. We also offer a complete hosting service that takes your paper, microfilm, and microfiche, x-rays and provides indexing, cataloging, search and secure sharing of images in a real-time, secure database for online access through the Internet. This is an excellent solution for business, government, and other applications that takes care of everything you need in one simple program.

Integration and Support Services:

TEAM integration expertise provides the ability to implement custom solutions and assist with the design, development, and deployment of third-party products, and programming interfaces or custom scripting. This unique TEAM design and integration capability ensure that the new system will meet your needs to connect to multiple third-party and TEAM software applications. The design and integration services are provided using programming languages such as VB .NET, Visual

Basic 6.0, JAVA2, HTML, DHTML, XML, XSL, ASP and Software Development Kits (SDK) provided by Microsoft, Oracle, Tarmin, Kofax, eiStream (formerly Keyfile), and QuickStream.