Panther Computing

Software Programming and Database Development

Key Benefits
    * Maintain office data easily.
    * Quickly retrieve information, just a click away.
    * Produce reports as needed.
    * Have an application designed around YOUR business. Not vice-versa.
    * It’s upgradeable!


When you need to automate, we address a multitude of concerns by designing user-friendly programs for many business applications: office call tracking, statistics, accounting and billing, inventory–anything that needs to be tracked, measured, reported, or analyzed. All software programs are designed with future growth in mind. By properly applying an object-oriented methodology, application enhancements are made simpler.

Web Site Design, Development, Hosting e-Commerce, and Merchant Accounts

Key Benefits

    * Easy maintenance of the interface (just change the web page).
    * Create a company internal Internet (called an Intranet). If the employee has a browser, they have connectivity.
    * No more “computer by computer” software installs and upgrades.
    * Able to access applications from anywhere having Internet connectivity.
    * Better customer and technical support by having your site hosted (located) with the same ones who developed it! e-Commerce available for your site!


The possibilities are endless! Your application can grow without requiring total reconstruction every two to three years. To receive more information about these services, send us an email message at or call (410) 655-0673. We would be happy to talk to you.